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In 1998, Nashon Hornsby, a native of Monmouth County New Jersey envisioned a hair and skin care salon focused on using natural and organic products that would strengthen the health of hair and skin.

Mr. Hornsby was especially concerned about people of color, who often seemed to become frustrated with the texture of their own hair. Many African-Americans have hair that is “kinky” (tightly curled) as compared to straight or wavy hair that other populations possess.

Over 100 years ago, Black men and women began to straighten their hair using various techniques, including the use of hot straightening combs (introduced in the 1890s) and relaxers (introduced in the 1950s). These straightening processes, when done without great caution, can damage the hair and can even negatively affect the health of the scalp.

Mr. Hornsby opened The Kink Centre in 1998 in Asbury Park, New Jersey with his sister, Ms. Baquasia Hornsby Matthews. At the time, they lacked adequate workforce and had limited business operations experience and chose to suspend operations within a period of less than a year. Over the years since, Mr. Hornsby wed Ms. Melissa Dyanne (nee Chisholm) Hornsby, an accomplished Master’s degree trained scientist and part-time natural hair braiding stylist. His sister, Baquasia studied hair and beauty care prior to receiving her Cosmetology and Hairstylist license in 2013. Together, Nashon, Melissa, Baquasia and Baquasia’s husband, Will Matthews re-envisioned The Kink Centre to open a new salon in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, located in Mercer County where the two couples reside.

Our Team

At The Kink Centre, our goal is to provide high quality services with a focus on ensuring optimal hair and skin health, while assisting clients to look beautiful and feel confident.  We accomplish this by ensuring that we utilize the highest quality products that improve and maintain the health of hair and skin. We also offer clients an opportunity to receive hair and skin consultations by our resident scientist and licensed beauticians. Through these consultation, The Kink Centre develops hair products designed specifically for each client to maximize the health of the client’s hair and skin. All hair and skin care products utilized and sold at The Kink Centre strengthen hair and enhance skin health.

Our Team

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BaQuasia Matthews

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Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Closed Sunday and Monday


856 - 770 - 2881

2495 Brunswick Avenue, Unit 22

Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

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